Among speakers and VIP guests in 2016

Dmitriy Bedarev, Deputy director, modernization of oil refining and petrochemicals program management department/ Planning director, Bashneft
Yury Gross, Deputy head for construction and engineering, director, construction department,
Antipinsky Refinery
Vladimir Kapustin, Head,
Aleksander Dmitriev, Deputy general director,
Ryazan Oil Refining Company (Rosneft)
Stanislav Shevkunov, Head, gas condensate processing directorate, department of gas condensate production and processing,
Azat Zakiev, Project director,
Elshad Telyashev, Head,
Bashkir Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry
Raushan Sarmurzina, Executive secretary, Scientific and technical council,
Mikhail Levinbuk, Chairman of the Academic Council,
VNIPIneft/ Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
Evgeniy Akopov, Head, oil refining and petrochemical development department,
Artem Galyautdinov, Director for labour protection, safety and environment,
Bashneft- Ufaneftekhim
Maksim Panin, Head, IT department,
RN-Komsomolskiy Refinery

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Key highlights in 2017:

  • Only in 2017! Technical visits to Antipinsky oil refinery, Sibur Tobolsk and ZapSibNeftekhim
  • SPECIAL FOCUS: Current and prospective construction and modernization projects in oil refining and petrochemicals. Best Russian and international practices
  • NEW! Effective project management methods. Optimal conditions for project configurations, contract strategy and implementation schedules. Case studies from the key decision-makers from Antipinsky oil refinery, SIBUR Tobolsk and ZapSibNeftekhim
  • CASE STUDIES: Oil refining catalyst agents: catalyst and additive production enhancement within the import substitution programs as a priority of oil companies’ activities
  • FOCUS SESSION: production automation and information process management at oil refineries, gas processing facilities and petrochemical plants. Available innovations
  • Champagne round tables: oil refining and petrochemicals. Construction, modernisation, project financing, innovations and technologies, improving the product quality

Partners about the event:

This format allows you to identify the most pressing issues faced by the oil refining and gas processing companies.
Elena Chernysheva, VNIPIneft
We could talk to each participant. The format of open dialogue is always useful.
Evgeny Syrovoy, CDU TEK
A perfectly organized conference, which gives an opportunity to present your company and talk with industry experts.
Alexey Lebedev, AVEVA
I`d like to thank “Vostock Capital” for the high level of conference organization.
Sergey Saltykov, Slavneft-YANOS
Perfect platform to discuss challenges of oil refining and gas processing industry and find solutions with the key decision-makers.
Amir Khabibullin, AVEVA
Highly representative forum of oil refining industry professionals.
Sergey Petushkov, Koksokhimmontazh-Project

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Modernisation and construction of oil refineries 2016/Строительство и модернизация НПЗ, ГПЗ и НХП

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