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Key highlights in 2019:


Case studies from senior executives of oil refineries, gas processing plants, and petrochemical facilities!

Effective project and plant management, improvements in final product quality, production automation and IT process management, import substitution, production localisation and modernisation of assets


Technologies in action!

Professional exhibits and technology-focused presentations delivered by top oil & gas equipment manufacturers. Case studies, innovations, development. Localisation of foreign technologies in Russia. Refining technologies, feedstock refining depth advancement, oil products quality improvement


Tatarstan at the front!

Onsite visits to the flagship downstream plants of the Republic of Tatarstan – an unique opportunity to gain experience in the field of construction and modernisation



Ongoing and planned construction and modernisation projects in oil refining and petrochemical industry


Dedicated roundtables:

Oil & gas refining, petrochemicals, base oils and lubricants. Innovations and technologies, efficient business operations


Unprecedented formal and informal networking opportunities!

Gala dinner, exhibition, champagne roundtables, coffee breaks, and team building during onsite visits


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